For that and more, is that the international makeup artist, Jonathan Núñez recommends what will be in the most chic and expected month of the year:

Sunny effect: Cheeks of creamy colors in golden tones create a natural effect, as if the skin was caressed by the sun. The illuminator is applied with a final brushstroke to obtain a healthy and dramatic shine.

Precious metal effects: Exaggerated and striking cheeks are created with a warm palette, in orange, coral and peach colors. The color is applied with firm strokes for maximum and total coverage. Powders and metallic tones are spread along the cheekbone creating a high and defined impact.

Make up – no make up: Lighting and contours will be the protagonists of what is coming, especially for those who want to achieve a perfect makeup effect but with a light appearance. This is achieved thanks to the illuminators and contours that allow highlighting some areas, such as for example that the nose looks thinner, that the cheekbones stand out, or achieve lips with a wider effect.

To achieve these results we can not miss Revlon sunlit dream and galaxy dream palettes with different finishes: one to be seen as kissed by the sun and the other with a prismatic or litmus optical effect.

“What is coming is the rainbow trend, a prismatic palette that integrates colors such as green, purple and pink, which can be perfectly combined to highlight eyes, neckline, lips and even mix with shadows to wear a matte lipstick. This is a very versatile product that works for several makeup looks, ”explains makeup artist Jonathan Núñez .